How to Ceramic Coat Wheels!


How to apply the 3D Graphene Infused Ceramic Coating to a set of brand new Corvette ZO6 Carbon Fiber Wheels!


In this video, I share tips and techniques for installing the new 3D Graphene Infused Ceramic Coating onto the Carbon Fiber Wheels.


How to Ceramic Coat Wheels!



 Here's some after shots showing the perfectly clear, graphene ceramic coated finish on the carbon fiber wheels.


My comments...

As I mentioned in the video, the BEST time to ceramic coat a car or as shown in this video the incredibly expensive and cool Carbon Fiber Corvette Wheels, is when the car is BRAND NEW.



Because when the car and the wheels are brand new, they are in their most surgically clean and defect-free condition. If you wait to apply a ceramic coating, you create a lot more work, time, and expense in order to do the job right.

Washing Carbon Fiber Wheels

In the video, I mentioned that if it were my car and my carbon fiber wheels, the way I would wash the wheels would be to use a clean, UNCONTAMINATED microfiber towel - 1 per wheel. I would avoid wheel brushes and even wash mitts. The BIG PICTURE idea is to get the wheels clean without scratching or marring the clear finish that's on top of the carbon fiber material.



Because it's easy to scratch the face of a wheel but it's incredibly time-consuming to try to remove the scratches. The KEY thing is to always INSPECT the towel, wash mitt or brush you plan on rubbing against the wheel finish to make sure any of these things are truly clean and contaminant free. The reason I stress this so often in any article, video, or class I teach is because when I look at most people's wash mitts, brushes and microfiber towels, they are contaminated.


Multiple Towel Washing Method

Years ago, I shared my own personal technique for washing my own ceramic coated cars and this is the technique I also share and recommend to all my customers. The genius behind this technique is that you're NEVER cross contaminating the surface being cleaned, (touched), because you're continually switching to a new, clean towel. When washing a car, for each panel, you use a fresh, clean microfiber towel to wash the panel. After you have washed this panel, you place the now USED towel in your Clean Bucket for Dirty Towels. Next you grab a FRESH CLEAN towel and wash the next panel, for example the hood. After washing the hood, you place this towel in the dirty towel bucket and continue doing this style of washing until you have washed the entire car.


Multiple Towel Washing Method for Wheels

You can use this same technique for your wheels. Most people use a wheel brush and there are a few on the market that are safe. By safe, I mean the bristles will not scratch the finish on the face of the wheel. Other options are to use your wash mitt. The problem with washing wheels with delicate finishes is you risk scratching the finish and undoing the damage is time consuming and tedious.


Metallic and abrasive particles

The problem or issue when washing wheels is every time you hit the brakes, the brake pads rub against the rotors and tiny particles of both the pads and the rotors come off the pads and rotors and build-up on the wheels. Then when you wash these areas the process of removing these abrasive particles transfers them to whatever you're using to wash the wheel. If you're using a brush, it's not a big deal as long as you thoroughly rinse and flush the bristles with clean water. With wash mitts or wheel wash mitts, the problem is these tiny metallic particles embedded into the fibers and if you re-use the mitt, you now risk scratching the wheels or any surface you wash because you're pushing these contaminants over the finish.


A better wheel washing solution

A better and safer solution costs a little more money upfront but protects the beauty of the wheels and saves you from having to undo damage. This method is like the multiple towel method for washing a car only you're using the multiple towel method to wash wheels. For this method you can easily wash one wheel with one towel. Then after washing the wheels, dispose of the towels. There's no way to be sure any and all abrasive particulates will be removed when you wash the towels, for example wash them in a load of microfiber towels. And even worse, if you mix these now-contaminated towels with other paint care towels, they ALL become contaminated.

So, the best and safest way to wash the 4 wheels on your car is to use one clean, uncontaminated towel per wheel and then sorry to say, but dispose of these towels as they can never be trusted to safely wash your wheels again.

Here's the final results after coating the wheels and the car with the 3D Graphene Ceramic Coating!


Ceramic Coating + Graphene Infused 30ml

3D Pink Car Soap

3D Yellow Degreaser Wheel Cleaner

3D Wipe (panel wipe to prep paint for ceramic coatings)

3D Black Microfiber Towels (black is the color code for wheel and tire towels)

 Mike Phillips



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